• 40% commission payouts of placement fees received
  • World class free training with top industry trainer
  • Niche job openings for your recruited candidates
  • Specialized internet recruitment tools and training
  • Back office support for any of your contract-to-hire placements
  • Free access for your recruited candidates to a lifetime professional career portal – a valuable marketing tool 


No contracts -- cancel at any time

Hiring Virtual Recruiters

There has never been a greater time in history to be in recruiting to take advantage of the impending labor shortage due to the aging baby boomers. Our profession is positioned to be the vital resource needed for our clients to fill those vacant positions. One of the greatest challenges facing companies today is finding the level of top talent needed to help them achieve their goals. This challenge will only increase with time.   Sound exciting?


If you are new to this profession, you will find our Virtual Recruiter Trainee Program extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. The power of this profession is that you control your success by the recruiting and marketing efforts you put forth. Everyday of your life will be spent changing the lives of the people you represent, for the better. Along with that comes a great responsibility to do the best job you can – always. You have the lives of other people in your hands, and it is imperative you earn their trust. In return, you can realize your dreams and achieve financial freedom, because there is no limit on income in our business.

If you choose to join our Trainee Team, it means that we believe you have the potential to become an integral member of our Virtual Recruiting Team.  In learning the basics of recruiting and marketing, you will learn proven, tested, step-by-step methods that can drastically reduce your learning curve in both areas.  As a member of our Virtual Recruiting Team, we will continue to train, mentor and guide you through your entire career.




The two primary functions of a recruiter are recruiting and marketing.  There are also other skills we refer to as BASICS, which include: interviewing, planning, recruiting, writing job orders, and making presentations which will result in send outs.  You must become proficient at all of these basics as well as with closing and negotiating skills.

The first few weeks represent the ‘boot camp’ period where you are paying your dues and learning where to focus your efforts to ensure your success. It will sometimes be frustrating because, as a trainee, you will probably have fewer successes than experienced recruiters in finding the top talent required for the job listing.  BUT...if you stay committed to following our training step-by-step, you will be amazed by your knowledge as a successful recruiter. It takes 21 days of repetition to form new habits. By the end of your first few weeks, you will have developed habits that will ensure your long term success in recruiting.




6 Comments on “Trainee

  1. shabina patel says:


    I am currently pursuing my degree in human resource management and am interested in registering for the Virtual Recruiter Trainee Program and wish to know the total duration and cost(fees)for this training program.

    Is it a 16 week program ie 4 months and is the cost $19.95/ month = Total Fees= $79.80 or am I missing any details or requirements

    Look forward to

  2. Carmen Jenkins says:

    Ready to start ASAP

  3. Nannette ONeal says:

    I am very interested in enrolling in your ‘Virtual Recruiter Training Program’ but I am not quite clear on TOTAL PRICE OF PROGRAM on top of the $4.95 admin monthly fee for this program??? I want to assure that I am on a legit site because of all the websites out here just taking peoples hard earned money. I hope you don’t mind if I ask if I can speak to a live person? As the above person stated: I want to assure the program for VRTP is just $19.95 monthly until I finish and/or cancel?

    Please feel free to phone me?

    Many thanks!!!

    Nannette O’Neal
    (360) 550-5591

  4. Welcome to our Training Program. I look forward to working with you.

  5. Jafet Marin says:

    What would you say is the average time for completing the course? That way I have an idea of how long it’ll take and how will I need to pay.

  6. Pablo Hernandez says:

    how many months is needed to be able to perform the job correctly?
    it is ok only with few weeks?
    i though the training it was only 19.95 .
    please also I would like to talk with someone personally, for a bit more of explanation.
    thanks in advance

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