Virtual Recruiters are independent contractors joining forces to share greater placement commissions.  By establishing teams of specialists working together to solicit credible job openings and filling them with the best possible candidates from their virtual team or the larger Spectra network, we form a perfect solution of recruitment. 


1.  Executive Virtual Recruiter (requires at least two years of verified, full cycle executive recruiting experience and will participate directly with our other virtual recruiters).

2.  Senior Virtual Recruiter (has between 1-2 years of recruiting experience in an executive search office or corporate human resource position and will have access to our open job listings and candidates working through our Virtual Recruiter Manager).

3.  Virtual Recruiter Trainee (will have little or no human resources or recruiting experience but will commit to our comprehensive training in both recruiting and marketing and ultimately join the Sr Virtual Recruiter Team after completing training, first placement or comparable experience).

4.  Basic Recruiter (allows experienced recruiters with two plus years of verifiable experience to join our Virtual Team on a trial basis by limiting the number of job listings you will receive.  You may choose to stay at the Basic level or move up to our Senior or Executive Member position at any time.  This unique opportunity requires 2+ years of verifiable, full-cycle recruiting.)



Spectra International is a member of a professional network of over 900 executive recruiters which allows you to upload your hard-to-fill job openings and recruited candidates to a nationwide network for assistance.  Our feeling is that it is important to fill as many job openings as possible and one of the other member executive recruiters may have the perfect candidate for your job opening or may have a current job opening for your recruited candidates.  The commission split is slightly lower when accessing our  Member-Only Network.

Check our FAQ (included in our Recruiter Information Packet) for any unanswered questions or further explanations for the differences in commission splits within the Virtual Recruiter Network vs the Member-Only Spectra International Network.  You may also contact us for more information.

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6 Comments on “Recruiting Programs

  1. Hi How much is the class and how long does it last? Is there guaranteed job placement and do i work on weekends? I need more info. Thanks.

  2. Jorge Morante says:

    I am very interested in learning more. I have had over 11 years of recruiting experience in both staffing agencies and as an internal corporate HR Recruiter. I look forward to hearing more about the opportunity. Thank you for your time.


    Jorge D. Morante

  3. Shanda Lee says:

    Happy Holidays,

    I have signed up for your virtual recruiter training program and would like to know what are the next steps in the process. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  4. We are so happy you have decided to join our Virtual Recruiting Team. Your Welcome Packet should arrive later today along with instructions on how to begin. I look forward to working with you.

  5. I’m trying to receive an information packet. Can you please send me one ASAP. Thanks!

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    a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared it on my
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