10 Insights That Will Change The Way Headhunters Operate

Recruiting, for many headhunters can be an arduous, unprofitable and seemingly thankless job.  However, there is still a good amount of money to be made in the industry, you just have to know how to navigate an ever-increasing competitive landscape.

Here is a sampling of the 10 Insights.  Click link for full article.

1. Always assume that a client respects your time three to five times less than you value your time.  I am yet to meet a client of mine who possesses a fraction of the career achievements that I have.  Still, I am yet to meet many clients who respect my time from the on-set.

Corporate America has become devoid of manners.  Know what your time is worth.  Go on one too many scavenger hunts for a client and they begin to take you for granted.

2. If a client has worked with recruiters before (though for some reason don’t still work with those headhunters), they may have a preconceived notion that you are very replaceable.  The best way to differentiate yourself is through a casual conversation that allows your knowledge to naturally enter the chat.

3. If you see a client hurting their odds of having a successful recruitment effort, you have to confront it…in an intelligent manner.  There is nothing more ironic than when a company retains me for my knowledge and expertise, then goes against all recommendations.

Tactfully, point out that if a “Client takes x action, they are much more likely to see y negative result.”

4. If you don’t hold a client accountable for their word…

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By; Ken Sundheim

CEO of KAS Placement